I opened Facebook today and life will never be quite the same again. Facebook has installed a ‘ view Pages Feed ‘ on all the business Pages I admin. Now admittedly this may not sound life changing, but it is for a Facebook Page administrator.

We all have a Facebook news feed for our personal accounts. Your news feed is the focal point of your Facebook and where most interactions take place. Any friends, people you follow, Pages you have liked or groups you are in will show up in your news feed. Scrolling through your news feed gives the opportunity to catch up on the days Facebook activity for your account.

Previously I had no ability to see a news feed for Pages I have liked from the business Pages I am an administrator for. This means, as a workaround, I had to like all the business Pages from my personal account, to see their activity in my personal news feed. Not only did this clutter my own news feed, but I often missed relevant Business posts just from the sheer volume of other posts. The other option was to manually search for each Page that I had liked from a business Page to check recent activity which is massively time-consuming.

That was until this View Pages Feed button showed up today.

view Pages feed

View Pages Feed

A few months ago I started to hear rumours that viewing a Page news feed was possible. It seems some people could view Pages Feed by logging in as their Page and clicking on the home button. For me, as it seems for many others, this did not work. It is difficult to find any information about this and -dare I say it, Facebook isn’t always readily available for resolving issues and customer service queries. This thread on the Facebook community forum shows many people with the same issues.

It has been difficult to find a clear idea of exactly when this new button was implemented. The earliest mention I could find was 5 months ago when some people on the Facebook forum reported the view Pages Feed button appearing. Some then reported the button disappearing again. It seems some people still don’t have access to this button, possibly this is due to a slow roll-out of a new function or a glitch in the matrix that is taking some time to fix.

Why does this matter

Consider the huge amount of interactions you make on your personal news feed. Posts can be shared or liked with just a single click. Scrolling down allows you to see the activity of your connections throughout the day. Now with a single button I can view the activity of all the Pages I have liked as my Page, in a news feed. The opportunity this gives for interaction between local businesses and community Pages is huge.

The news feed as a feature was first introduced in 2006, prior to this your Facebook account was essentially a directory page and although you could post on one another’s walls and send messages these actions were mostly discreet. The introduction of the news feed changed all this and initially there was concern about the broadcasting of people’s Facebook activity in such a way. Since then the Facebook news feed has grown to become the focal point of your profile and one of the keys to Facebook’s huge and continued success.

Allowing business Pages to have an independent news feed concentrates all your business activity in one place. Giving extra visibility and focus to other business Pages you follow and making interaction much easier.


This last year has seen an explosion of additional functions to Pages from Facebook. The new insights tab offers many metrics that are invaluable to marketers. Facebook Adverts and the ability to boost business Page posts to a wider audience show how Facebook is attempting to widen the reach and appeal of Facebook for business.

The new view Page Feed button will certainly make a huge difference to the way I manage my Facebook Pages. Enabling much easier connections to, and interactions with, many other local businesses.



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