Here at Seal Island Media we have been working behind the scenes to improve our managed WordPress Hosting.  If your site is on the Seal Island Media Network then there have been some significant changes over the last couple of months. Combined these improvements will increase your websites performance and reliability.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting

Seal Island Media’s Managed WordPress Hosting service has been designed with busy people in mind. We take care of backups, security and updates so you can concentrate on the important things in your business. Hosting on the Seal Island Media Network has been enhanced in the following ways.

UK based hosting

We have moved the network to servers based in London. Response times for UK visitors will be faster. This will benefit all our present clients.

Dedicated IP address

The network now has a dedicated IP address. We can ensure that you will not be sharing this IP address with any sites which will get the IP blacklisted. Or, if one of our clients acts in a way to get the IP blacklisted we will solve the problem and take action to prevent it from happening again. See our terms of service.

Improved memory

The network now runs entirely on Solid State Drives (SSD), which are hundreds of times faster than hard disk drives. This will increase significantly the speed of your site.

Improved handling of traffic spikes

A new virtualization method known as Linux Containers allow a bigger pool of burstable resources and make your websites faster in case of traffic spikes. So you never need fear your cat pictures going viral again.

Improved backups

There is a new backup system which makes backup creation and recovery lighter, faster and more flexible and thus reduces even further, the time for data restore when needed.

What do I need to do?

Nothing, it is all done. Enjoy.

What next?

For those of you hosting in the On-Line Activist Network, we will be upgrading your hosting over the next couple of months.

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